Fully equippend winery with vineyard

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Квадратура 2 700 m²

The lot of the winery consists of 2700 m2 out of which 1074 m2 are with a construction permit. 

This beautiful property has the following specifications:
Total square footage of the object - 150m2
Height - 7m
Basement - 35 m2 with height of 3m
The property has a construction permit as well as a certificate for full technical functionality.

On the back side of this breathtaking property there is a fully grown "Syrah" vineyard which was imported from France. This vineyards are a property of the winery and will become a part of the purchasing agreement with no additional financial cost!
In addition to this beautiful setting, the fertile land and the delicious grapes, this winery also owns the following equipment:
- a wine mill imported from the manufacturer Zambeli, Italy
- wine monoblock pump imported from the manufacturer Zambeli, Italy
- pneumatic grape press 1100 lit. capacity imported from the manufacturer NIko, Slovenia 
- 2 fermenters with 5 tons capacity   
- 1 fermenter with 3,2 tons capacity 
- 4 reservoirs with 3,2 tons capacity
- 3 reservoirs with 2 tons capacity 
- 1 reservoir with 1 ton capacity 
The fermenters and the reservoirs are imported from the manufacturer Tomika, Bulgaria  
- A set of hoses

All of this equipment was purchased new in 2006 and is a property of the winery without any financial loans or credits included.

Furthermore, the wine stock currently at disposal in the winery consists of:
- Vranec 7000 liters
- Merlt 6000 liters.

This unique property has a fully functional wine production capacity and offers a once in a lifetime opportunity for a interested client with a refined palette in both wine and real estate.
We would be happy to answer any additional questions or requests at your demand! Please contact us at:

Our offices +389 2 3246-245 078/427-007 or contact me directly on +389 78/404-406

Vladimir Gegovski
General Manager of Real estate agency "Kodeks"


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